General Supplies (Industrial Tools, Tubes, Chemicals, etc)

As General Supplier, we focuses its business on procurement of goods and materials supporting the work of large or small projects. We work together with both private and government agencies and have handled various construction, Mining, Power Station, Oil & Gas projects in Indonesia. We have experienced and working with trusted business partners in the procurement of goods and materials

Merchandise, Handcrafted and Fabricated

We serves the needs of making merchandise for personal and corporate by making products with the design that you want. We are experienced in producing various kinds of promotional items for various needs promotional events, branding, product launching, gathering, promotional souvenirs, seminars, and training.

We provide a wide selection of products for souvenirs, gifts, and marketing and / or promotional needs of companies ranging from mugs, pins, T-shirts, ceramics, key chains, ID cards, mousepads, puzzles, business cards, drinking bottles and more